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"She is Sofía Forero Correa, a creative designer of body movement and meaningful ideas. She makes the dream of becoming one of the greatest models of dance in the beautiful city of New York come true."

-Ultravioleta Magazine-

"Sofía Forero Correa, dancer, choreographer, and artistic director of The Heraclitus Project, a modern dance company, dreams of helping, inspiring, healing, and transforming society through her art."

-CoPublicitarias Magazine-

"Oh, I had so much fun last night, watching Sonia Melo’s American-Swiss Ballet Performance. Just being around all of that good energy was inspiring. And seeing work of choreographers —new to me— that I really enjoyed. I got a particular kick out of the Heraclitus Project— choreographed by Sofía Forero. Angular modern work, fresh and imaginative. By turns, striking and sensuous. I enjoyed that as much as anything I’ve seen in the theater or in dance in quite a while. I look forward to seeing more of her work."

-Chip Deffaa, New York Post writer-

"The choreography by Sofia Forero was literal and abstract at the same time (...) Her ending of displaying the dancer’s red skirt as she twirled under the light until it faded was a nice ending and seems as if the piece is open ended to the audience."

-The Dance Enthusiast-

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 4.58.30 PM.png

Front Cover, Valley News -

AVA Gallery Residency, Lebanon, NH

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 2.01.55 PM.png

Artful- Susan B. Aspel 

Bound: World Premiere at AVA Gallery

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