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I am a dancemaker. I create to foster community and connection. I create to heal, inspire and transform society through art and movement. I create to discover and rediscover myself through different life periods and give hope and possibility to an ever-changing world. 


I create to make sense of my world by bringing meaning through movement and research. Exploration is my favorite part of every process and what I nurture the most as an artist. Whatever form it takes - reading articles, exploring movements and reflecting on the emotions they evoke, or journaling and character creation - it is an outlet to listen to different points of view and to keep the work fresh and rich. 


I cherish the power of community and collective wisdom by bringing a collaboration practice into my creative process. Collaboration creates a sense of belonging and ownership- a deeper understanding of the work and a more powerful engagement with and commitment to it.


I foster and believe in the healing power of art and its transformative effects on communities. Creating through dance allows us to ask difficult questions without needing spoken answers. Movement opens new avenues of healing and becomes a cathartic way to express and let go of emotions and experiences that marked us. It connects us with our breath and allows us to be in tune with ourselves and one another. 

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