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Zena Rommett Floor-Barre®

Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® is a gentle, highly effective, therapeutic method without the pressure of gravity. Floor-Barre® lengthens, corrects alignment, and strengthens joints. Doctors recommended injury prevention, rehabilitation, and many muscular-skeletal ailments such as arthritis, tendentious, and osteoporosis.

Noa Chaney, NY

"Sofía,  your classes have helped me navigate my hypermobile pelvis and hamstring injury aftermath. Your attention to detail and sensitivity to my and your other students' needs helps all of us and makes us feel included and supported. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that I feel satisfied and strong by the end of your class. "

Claudia Vivian, Colombia

"After chemotherapy, I had a lot of pain in my articulations and body. Floor-Barre reduced my pain and allowed me to align my body better than before cancer. Thank you for the wonderful classes you teach."

Janel Fitzgerald, CT

"Thank you for teaching Floor-Barre classes.  I have struggled with both foot and hip injuries in the past, and I can feel myself getting stronger now because of your class.  I always feel so lengthened and open after. My understanding of the class and the technique has grown immensely."

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